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Brooklyn–born New Yorker, Martin Lane's endless quest for knowledge and his love for history has taken him extensively throughout America, South America, and Europe. As a young entrepreneur his hunger to learn the business inside out was just the beginning of a treasure hunt that would soon become more than a small hobby. Starting with his fascination of Antique Colt firearms, he soon became familiar with the early history of this country. The revolution, Civil War, the Western frontier and the American Indian. Through his travels, and passion for collecting historical artifacts he has become one of the foremost authorities in this field.


With over thirty years of experience, Martin Lane has managed to create not only an extensive and rare collection. His private collection of Antique Colt firearms and related historical memorabilia is one of the finest in the world. He has an impeccable reputation for being one of the most well respected dealers in the world of firearm collectors. Martin's colorful character and sense of humor are fabulous accents that only add to his undisputed honesty and integrity. As a dealer, the rare and historic Colt firearms that have passed through his hands are of the finest and most well known pieces in the world today.


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